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$ 45.00

turn on the flash b reflect the haters 3rd eye type shit iron man styles hardest cap out i bought 2, one sits on ice

$ 120.00

i shine, you shine and ya say new york city yes, reflective b my manz in bushwick got the 3m technology front pouch for the silencer side pocket for the roll up this is hard mate 

$ 50.00

raw cypher wear extra crispy rounds? how many? got you b

$ 35.00

murdered out or classic either way ridiculously tuff my g dead ass  super facts  

$ 30.00

you know the deal take notes simple and bangin classical bboy image

$ 30.00

my mannnns  gang gang power to the people unity in the community  that OOOWEEE! REDRUM    

$ 200.00

yea i went to pacha they wouldn't let me in cause of my track suit dead ass? was it adidas? there you go.. thats cause you didn't have the new break fresh track zoot b niggas know but they don't know

$ 30.00

there is no competition when you rock this one game over automatic win c'mon r2 gots one classic skoolz hand steez

$ 30.00

Art is not a crime Breakin is not a crime Breakin is not a sport It's physical graffiti b I call that fairy flying Is this a break fresh shirt b?