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$ 40.00

not right now b, I'm tryin to get down fuck bloc, im on the block for real call the number on the back talk to my agent book my mans leave a message if anything  

$ 65.00

signature styles b sophisticated gentleman steez i dont even break no more just straight baggin hunnies now sup ma, what you sayin?

$ 40.00

ny ny big city of dreams raw power moves  my mans, do you understand? you flew here, we grew here og nyc forever 

$ 40.00

loose joints on deck i smoke two just to roll up one one spliff a day keeps the evil away spark up the cypher don't ash on my kicks b roll up worldwide  

$ 55.00

1000% disco fresh basically, just buy break fresh so you can stay fresh and therefore feel fresh and finally you can break fresh trust me, i'm a bboy

$ 40.00

excuse me, do you know break fresh? check it, but don't sweat it we are the undisputed truth rip toys gang starr guru forever  let em know g